Virtual Lessons & Coaching

Wanting to take lessons or get coaching from Steve but distance is in the way?
That is no longer a problem with our Virtual Lessons and Coaching!
The process is simple and affordable! Simply take a video (10 min max) of your horse being ridden or of a specific problem or issue you are working on and post it on Youtube. Make sure to get different views with your camera. 
The Virtual lesson consists of a 30 minute phone conversation between you and Steve with Steve watching your video and providing coaching throughout the video. Steve will watch the video while on the phone with you so you can watch along and he will critique you.  Steve will address other questions that you may have and even give you homework assignments.
For those that do not want to submit videos, Steve offers  Consultation services at $40 for a 20 minute call.  Process is the same as for Virtual Lessons but you aren’t submitting a video and the cost is less.

1.    Select the Option you want (SAVINGS$$ with 2 Virtual) --->>>>

2.    Click “Pay Now” and go through payment process

3.    Return to this page and Complete the form with contact info
      The name should be the same as on your credit card.

4.    Enter "Virtual Lesson" or "Consultation" for the Subject   

5.    Enter the Link to your Youtube video for the Message*

6.    Click “Submit”. Sometimes it takes a few seconds to process.

    We will call you within 24 hrs to schedule
   your lesson. 
                                     Thank you