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Steve Lantvit's TV Show, "Sure in the Saddle"

Jan 4 Improve your steering  - Steve works with rider James to help him improve steering with his filly.
Jan 11 Haltering an untamed Horse - Steve teaches how to halter a filly that has been minimally handled.
Jan 18 Keeping Versatile with Mounted Shooting - Steve and Shizzle Whizzle try mounted shooting for the first time.
Jan 25 Working Gates on Horseback - Steve shows how to best work gates on horseback.
Feb 1 Effective Use of Spurs - Steve teaches the effective use of spurs and clears misconceptions.
Feb 8 The art of collection - Steve demonstrates what true collection is and how to achieve it.
Feb 15 Uses of the counter canter - Steve teaches the counter canter and showcases its purpose and benefits.
Feb 22 Perfecting the circle - Steve demonstrates his checklist on riding a well-balanced circle.
March 1 Help fix that sticky turnaround - Steve works with a horse to improve his turnaround that tends to get locked up.
March 8 The German Martingale, a useful tool - Steve demonstrates application of the German Martingale and its effectiveness when used properly.
March 15 Counter flexing helps our horse - Steve shows counter flexing maneuvers and how they help your horse.
March 22 Put the hind end in gear - Steve works with a horse in getting him to engage his hind end.
March 29 Trotting Poles - Steve Shows how using trotting poles can help a horse.
April 5 Walk and Trot, Understanding footfall patterns - Steve teaches the footfall in walk and trot maneuvers for effective body control.
April 12 Cantering, Understanding footfall patterns - Steve teaches the footfall in canter maneuvers for effective body control.
April 19 Effective release and timing - Steve shows how to be a more effective communicator through the release and timing.
April 26 Safe Trailering - Steve shares his trailering safety tips for a smooth journey for your horse.

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