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Steve Lantvit's TV Show, "Sure in the Saddle"

May 3   Keeping him Straight- Steve shows techniques to keep straightness in maneuvers.

May 10 Checklist on buying a new horse- Steve shares his checklist on what to look for in                buying a new horse.

May 17 Get more comfortable at the Trot- Steve demonstrates proper sitting and posting at              the trot to help both horse and rider.

May 24 Extend your gaits- Steve shows helpful exercises to extend the walk, trot, and canter.

May 31 Fun with Obstacles keeping it fresh- Steve teaches how obstacle work keeps a                      horses mind fresh.

June 7 The Ground-tie- Steve shows how to effectively teach a horse to ground-tie.

June 14 Exercises on the trail- Steve shows exercises on the trail to create a willing partner.

June 21 Lunging over Obstacles to build confidence- Steve shows how lunging over                          obstacles helps build horse's confidence.

June 28 Patience when standing tied- Steve teaches a colt how to stand tied for the first                    time.

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