Steve Lantvit Ranch Horse Challenge Clinic
Oct 14-15
Highgrove Farm, LaPorte, Indiana
Make yourself a good ranch horse and work with Steve on cattle in Ranch Cutting, Ranch Roping, and Ranch Sorting.  Throughout the clinic, Steve provides a series of challenges that any cowboy or cowgirl would face out on the ranch in a fun, competitive environment.  These challenges are set up to bring out the best in both horse and rider, by giving them a job.  Don't worry about not being up for the challenge, that's Steve's job.  By the time the clinic is over you'll be amazed at what your horse can do. 

Excellent clinic for those looking to try something new as well as more experienced riders looking to refine their skills.


The SLH eyeQuality Halter

Award-winning trainer and instructor, Steve Lantvit, holds multiple World Champion & Reserve titles in Ranch Horse competitions. Steve believes in training versatile, well-rounded, capable horses and riders through confidence, mutual respect, and solid communication. He promotes versatility through cross-training and a variety of experiences to improve both performance and attitude in the show pen or out on the trail.

Steve provides training, instruction, and conducts clinics year round at his facility in LaPorte Indiana and other locations across the US.


     See Steve on Nov 9-12  at Equine Affaire, W. Springfield, MA