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I am grateful for the knowledge he has passed to me to help me be a better rider and partner for my horse.
I love to watch you on RFDTV.. :) Thank you for showing us the real deal
You are very clear and easy to follow with your whys and hows.You are a gifted teacher.
Thanks Steve for getting out of my comfort zone and into some exercises that will help with body control.
I love how you explain so clearly and correct immediately!
Mr Lantvit thank you I learn a lot from your teachings and hope you continue on Great teachings God Bless your work

Renowned, award winning Ranch Versatility Horseman, Steve Lantvit, captivates the equine world with a fresh and innovative approach to training individuals and horses. Coupled with decades of experience and knowledge across multiple disciplines, Steve's training program is built on trust, gentle hands, and a true partnership regardless of the rider’s discipline or experience.

Steve's teaching style provides his students with the "why" and not just the "how" or the "what" giving them the necessary tools to be successful on their own. His techniques are applied on the trail, ranch or in the show pen, with an emphasis on creating a light horse through correct timing and clear communication. Steve strives to help fellow horseman/woman achieve their dreams, overcome obstacles, and to challenge themselves to do the best by the horse and for the horse.
Witty and entertaining, Steve incorporates his sense of humor to his teachings keeping education not just informative but also fun. His use of analogies will keep you laughing but they work on communicating the point.
Some of Steve's accomplishments include multiple World Champion and Reserve World Champion titles in Ranch Horse Associations by himself and his clients in Youth and Amateur divisions.

Traveling across the US sharing his knowledge and passion for horses, Steve enjoys conducting clinics, presenting at Expos, and brings his teachings right into your home with his television series, Steve Lantvit “Sure in the Saddle” airing on RFD-TV on Thursdays at 3pm & 11pm EST.

achieve dreams, overcome fears, challenge yourself

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